Ephemeral boutique faqs


What is an Ephemeral Boutique?
An ‘Ephemeral Boutique’ is a temporary, short-term rental space.

How do I apply for a Ephemeral Boutique at The King Street Precinct?
Simply complete the online application form, providing as much detail as possible.

What are the rental fees?
Rental fees will be discussed once your application has been approved. 

I’ve applied, what next?
After applying, The King Street Precinct will take up to 14 days to consider your application. After that you will be contacted. If you are successful we will consider the best space for your brand, and the going rates.

Can I change the store fit-out?
Yes, you can change the store fit-out. All changes to the store (including fit-out and signage) must be approved. The store must be in its original condition after Ephemeral Boutique contract has completed. 

How long will it take for my application to be considered?
Applications take approximately 14 days to process.

What kinds of brands will be considered? 
We will consider brands that compliment the luxury brands in The King Street Precinct. If you are unsure whether your brands works on The King Street Precinct, please apply. 

Do I need public and product liability insurance (PLI)? 
Yes, you must have PLI in order for your application to be approved. If your brand does not have PLI, The King Street Precinct cannot host you. 


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