Sizes & Values

Site Width - sets the width of the site content including canvas padding.

Page Description Width - controls the width of the page description when shown in the Page Banner area.

Canvas Padding - adjusts the amount of spacing around the inside edge of the canvas area.

Navigation Link Spacing - determine the amount of space set between each navigation link.

Header Padding - controls the amount of space below the navigation and site title in the header area.

Page Padding - sets the amount of space at the top (under banner area) and bottom of the page content.

Page Banner Height - determines the height of the page banner area holding the page thumbnail, title and description.

Footer Padding - controls the amount of space at the top of the footer area, below the top border.

Logo Height - sets the maximum height of the logo that is assigned to the site.

Social Icon Size - set the size of the (non-social-block) social icons. 

Template Options

Header Alignment - controls the alignment of the logo (or site title) and navigation in the header area.

Footer Alignment - controls the alignment of the footer text and navigation in the footer area.

Page Borders - sets the thickness and display of the footer and page borders including horizontal rules placed with LayoutEngine.

Social Icons - controls the display of the (non-social-block) social icon links.

Page Banner Full Width - toggle the width of the page banner image between edge-to-edge and content width.

Hide Page Banner - disables the entire page banner area.

Hide Page Title - hides the page title inside the page banner area when enabled.

Show Site Info Icon - reveals an icon in the far upper right corner of the canvas that when clicked shows site info in an overlay. 

Blog Styles

Blog Meta Color - sets the color of article meta information like tags, dates, author etc.

Blog Post Spacing - controls the amount of space between each blog post in list view.

Blog Sidebar Width - determines the width of the sidebar when displayed in a blog. 

Blog Sidebar - controls the position / display of the sidebar within a blog.

Hide Blog Author - turns off the display of an author name within the blog post meta.

Show Category Navigation - shows category links at the top of blog pages.

Gallery Styles

Gallery Navigation - determines the type of gallery image navigation is provided on the page.

Gallery Info Overlay - select the type of display used for image title and caption.

Gallery Aspect Ratio - controls the aspect ratio (width:height) for the gallery active slide.

Gallery Arrow Style - determines the style of the arrows used to cycle through the slides.

Gallery Transitions - select the transition styles used to animate between slides being viewed.

Gallery Show Arrows - choose to use arrows for cycling through slides.

Gallery Auto Crop - choose to auto crop slide images to the selected ratio.

Gallery Autoplay - choose to cycle gallery images automatically without user interaction. 

Gallery Loop - enable a gallery to cycle through to the first slide after the last slide.

Gallery Autoplay Speed - specify the speed at which the gallery pauses on the active slide.

Gallery Thumbnail Size - control the height of thumbnail images when used for gallery navigation.

Gallery Arrow Background - specify the color that is used for the shape of gallery arrows.

Gallery Arrow Color - specify the color that is used for the arrow itself.

Gallery Circle Color - specify the color that is used for the circle shape gallery arrows.

Gallery Info Background - specify the color used in the background of the image title and caption.