Natalie Imbruglia wearing Kailis pearls. Source:

Natalie Imbruglia wearing Kailis pearls. Source:

You can probably thank Dior for singlehandedly putting pearls back on the style map in 2014. The French fashion house has taken the sartorial world by storm this year with their ‘Mise en Dior’ pearl earrings; taking the humble pearl from its matronly, regal beginnings to a covetable and cool classic every woman needs in her accessory drawer.

Dior’s not the only one making waves here on Australian shores, though. Kailis Jewellery's brand ambassador Natalie Imbruglia, who perfectly embodies the natural beauty, warmth, and sensuality of a pearl, has catapulted the Western Australian brand in a fresh and relevant way.  

Says the Australian singer-songwriter and actress, of being the face of Kailis, “The fact that the Kailis family has built this incredible luxury brand and range out of Perth in Western Australia is a story I'm really proud to be a part of."

Now in her third year of brand ambassadorship, Natalie’s genuine affinity with Kailis Jewellery has made her a perfect match for the brand, with her “energy, generosity and incredible warmth”, helping Kailis reconnect with their Australian heritage on a world stage.

“I have always loved the beach and the water and to be working with pearls that are nurtured by the pristine waters of Western Australia is just perfect…I love that I can talk about these unique gems that can only be found in Australia”, says Natalie.

As for her tips on how to wear pearls – the modern way?

“I love to wear the Kailis designs with jeans, T-shirts and boots to inject a little bit of glamour with a little bit of rock’n’roll. I do not believe in having precious things that you only wear occasionally. If I love something I like to wear it all the time. [I wear] the Adored ring (with black diamonds) most days. It’s the ultimate jeans-and-T-shirt-to-red carpet ring! I would strongly recommend this goes on anyone's must-have list.”