July 15, 2017

Prada does not represent a universe, but a multiverse - of parallels, others, alternatives. The depth of creativity defies simple categorisation. Prada exists on multiple plains, with multiple interpretations. The cultural breadth of each collection, the intricacies inherent in each, requires deeper analysis. 365 reflects this diversity and thematic richness - it is fashion advertising as metaverse, each campaign presenting a microcosm of Prada. Each is honest, each is true, each is real.

For the latest evolution of the 365 campaign, six new Prada realities are unveiled, photographed by Willy Vanderperre, his viewpoint a thread drawing all the realities together, alongside the distinct seasonal identity of Prada. An interwoven cast of models give us cause for pause; we recognise them, like déjà vu or doppelgängers. Their faces - like Vanderperre’s lens, like Prada’s aesthetic - transgress the boundaries of these alternative universes.

For Fall/Winter 2017, a connection is also forged from a cinematic point of view. Cinema is a window into alternative worlds, into imagined scenes. Framing the illusory and refracting it for an audience, it reinvents it. Fantasy becomes a new truth.

The Fall/Winter 2017 campaign progresses like captured moments from filmic visions. The first is a pièce de chambre, or chamber piece, tightly framed, intimate and alluring. Drawing the observer into an intensely personal pas de deux with the models, ‘Pièce de Chambre’ reflects the intensity of vision that unfolds in chamber dramas. There is a focus on character, on the smallest gesture expressing the deepest meaning. It is a cinematic vision on a personal level, reflecting the intimacy and closeness that characterised the Fall/Winter 2017 womenswear show.

The second facet, ‘Affiches’, reflects the decor of the Prada Fall/Winter 2017 women’s showspace - walls pasted with make-believe movie posters. These affiches add another level, reinventing Kris Grikaite and Manuela Sanchez as heroines of an idealised Prada feature, in depictions that are bold and graphic. Straight up.

‘Chiaroscuro’: light and darkness, inspired by Renaissance painting but translated to the silver screen. Captured in a walled garden - a rich landscape, a shift from the interior world to the exterior - this fragment of a new Prada reality presents Fall/Winter 2017 looks in an arresting, shadowed context. Our Prada femme here is fatale.

An alternative narrative develops through ‘Mise-en-Scène’, and ‘Viewfinder’, - both refer to the construction of the image, rather than its fantasy - they debunk these alternative realities, whilst also helping to engineer them. ‘Mise-en-Scène’ abbreviates our protagonists, both male and female, cropping tightly to focus attention on Prada accessories, or on portraits; ‘Viewfinder’ implies actions about to occur, models captured glancing away, to events unseen. This discovers another aspect, finds another view, of the Prada Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

The final chapter: ‘Denouement’. From the French dénouer, ‘to unknot’. The last act, the finale in which the strands of the plot are drawn together, matters explained and resolved. The conclusion here is a fantasy, our eyes less through the multiple faces, the intricate layers, of Prada’s multilayered vistas to reach a winter fantasia. It is an artifice, of course; a vision straight from the imagination. Yet, now, it is one we can believe thanks to these multitudes, to this multiverse.

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