Chanel: the handbag

A customer walking out of 39 King Street Perth with her new CHANEL handbag

A customer walking out of 39 King Street Perth with her new CHANEL handbag

The in-store experience is something else

Stepping foot into a CHANEL boutique is an experience in itself. The best in customer service, the choices on offer, the smell of the fine leather and perfume. Savour it, don’t rush.

The bag will be wrapped so beautifully, you won't want to open it

Seriously, you’ll consider leaving it in the pretty wrapping a little longer. We're talking dust bags, tissue paper, foam padding, boxes, ribbons. it's all so gorgeous.

It will be the best shopping experience you'll ever have, and that’s after you’ve left the boutique

There is nothing quite like walking around with a CHANEL shopping bag in your hand. The elation, the excitement, the adrenaline.

It will last forever

Partly because you'll be super careful with it and partly because it is made from the highest quality.

You'll pass it on to your kids

…and they onto theirs etc. a CHANEL handbag is for life and beyond.

It'll never go out of style

CHANEL classics are called classics for a reason. Every treasured customer is an ambassador. Join the likes of Margot Robbie, Penelope Cruz, Cara Delevingne and Caroline Sieber.

"I wish I didn’t buy that CHANEL bag…" said no one ever!

I wish I didn't spend $200 on a night out, yes. I wish I didn't buy that beautiful CHANEL bag, never.

It’s an investment

Due to all the reasons above, second-hand CHANEL bags sell almost as well as new.

It's actually a bag you can carry your stuff in…

Practical for every day, pretty, the envy of every girl who sees it = win!

It's an instant conversation starter

Instagram followers and your friends will all want to know about the experience of buying it and just how amazing it is to own your piece of luxury.