in 1845


Named after King William IV, King Street was gazetted in 1845 and consisted mostly of workers cottages with shops, coal yards, smithies and foundries in the adjacent areas of Murray and Hay Streets.

With small businesses continuing to establish themselves in existing cottages to serve the local population, a number of new offices and warehouses were built by larger enterprises, representing a key development of the warehouse district in Perth.

“An iconic jewel located in the heritage heart of Perth”

Over 150 years on, modern-day King Street remains a much-loved and must-see destination in Perth for celebrities and the international jet set.

Although remnants of the character-laden past remain, historic workers cottages, foundries and warehouses have today given way to apartment buildings, galleries, restaurants and bars, and an illustrious, pedestrian-friendly fashion precinct that espouses the same quality and attention to detail, an unrivalled sense of luxury and a distinct aura of elegance. 

On this beautiful, sun-drenched street, a curation of homegrown and continental brands offer finds synonymous with craftsmanship, passion, and prestige. These storied spaces, brimming with life, culture, and creativity invite visitors the world over to personally encounter Perth’s famous hospitality and service with heart.